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Business Growth/ Strategy

When you’re looking to grow your business, it’s essential to have a clear strategy and plan what you’re going to do and when. Building a growth strategy can be done in a number of ways, including increasing market share, entering into a joint venture or partnership, or diversifying.

Whatever your growth strategy is, the decision needs to be made based on high quality analysis of solid data, not only of your own business, but also of the new areas and market segment you aim to conquer.

This is where ATS Accountants can help you. We will gain a deep understanding of your business and your ambitions. We will plot out your organisation’s strengths and areas of improvements in achieving your ambitions. All of our findings will be collated, coupled with our insights and experiences, helping you make the crucial decisions that make your business a winner.

Our Strengths

We have accountants with experience of working in the world’s leading accountancy firms, dealing with businesses and clients from a wide range of industries and backgrounds and advising them on a day to day basis or at a strategic level, whatever was their requirement.

Our Oldham based accountants are fully qualified, and have strong credentials in helping businesses.

How We Can Help You

ATS Accountants can provide you a range of services, tailored to your circumstances and needs, as follows:

  •  help with developing your business plan;
  • devise/ provide tailored training to your finance staff;
  • help develop your policy and procedure documentation;
  • identify growth opportunities;
  • help you make efficiency savings by, for example, cutting out bottle necks and standardising business processes;
  • interrogate your business data to ensure you are making the right decisions based on accurate data.

The list above is not exhaustive – so please contact us for a free initial consultation to explore how we can help you.

Value added service

ATS Accountants will add value to your business by providing the following additional services/ insights:

  • act as a trusted adviser and ‘sounding board’ for your ideas;
  • keep you up to date on the issues likely to affect you, including new opportunities;
  • provide you with the personal support you need;
  • invest non-chargeable time in understanding your business – so that we can advise them at a higher level;
  • give you referrals and contacts. Introducing our firm’s network to you;
  • spot important trends and personally alert you to the significance;
  • help you to make savings or be more efficient through different ways of doing things.

Our qualified accountants, although based in Oldham, cover most of the region, and will come and visit you at your premises to save you the time and hassle of travelling. We would prefer you dedicate more time to your business, in fact, we insist on it.