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ATS Accountants has helped many contractors who are working in the IT, Finance, Banking and public sectors. We will minimise your administrative workload for a fixed-fee agreed with you in advance.

The highly experienced and professionally qualified Accountants of ATS Accountants can turn the highly complex area of managing a Limited Company into a smooth and enjoyable experience for Directors and Shareholders alike. You can also save significant amount of tax in the process.

The professionally qualified Accountants at ATS Accountants have excellent knowledge of IR35 rules. We can guide you through the process of ensuring that your contract is IR35 rules friendly. We will help you set up the Limited Company and ensure that you have the tax efficient company structure in place.

We’ll review your circumstances by understanding and analysing your current and future goals. We’ll then provide you customised advice that best suits your circumstances. You’ll have access to specialist tax professionals with many years of experience, employment law and Health & Safety helpline and annual seminars designed to keep you up-to-date.


Contractors and the IR35


IR35 can be a significant issue for contractors. If HMRC deems that you’re not able to meet the “Self-employment” definition and requirements, an Employer Compliance Review may be launched. If not addressed properly, the review can escalate to a full-blown, investigation.

We will help you through the initial process and guide you sympathetically to ensure that you get the best advice available to remain outside of the scope of IR35.